See Before You Buy

A picture is worth a thousand words and a picture is worth a thousand blueprints. Blueprints can be difficult to read and understand.

I will discuss the scope of your project and together we will find a perfect solution to your own unique needs. With the aid of computer design software, I will create a drawing so your cabinet is built exactly to plan; all design and manufacturing will be precise, efficient and accurate.

Aside from two-dimensional drawings, a 3D rendering of your built-in cabinets will also be provided. The 3D drawing provides you with a photo-realistic image in several different views including isometric, top, and elevation and perspective views. These views will help you get a true feel for your design, which will give you a better idea of how everything will look even before a single piece of wood is cut.

Picaboo Joinery

Even the highest quality materials cannot guarantee a quality cabinet if the workmanship, used to assemble the cabinet, is not up to standards.

As the groundwork for all woodworking, casework is much more than simply building a cabinet with six sides. Complex case designs can incorporate almost every joint you know how and may include curves or involve great spans. But basic casework tackles some essential techniques, such as learning the art of producing flat and square surfaces - and keeping them that way. And fitting parts. Yes – there’s an endless fitting of parts in case construction. It’s not for the weak of heart. But constructing all those little pieces into a recognizable whole as box or a cabinet is good experience.

Cabinets come in never ending array of styles and flavors to suit everyone’s needs and tastes. But the basic box can be broken down into relatively few distinct styles or types. Once the flavor of the casework is decided, there are still many options for deciding how best to construct it.

Historically, fine European cabinetmakers always appreciated the strength and accuracy of mortise and tenon joint. In today’s world of tight budgets and even tighter schedules, however the idea of fitting two pieces of wood into a interlocking joint seems too slow, so others settle for less. For example, there’s nothing wrong with a glued-and-nailed butt joint. Done in a thoughtful and careful manner, nailed joint can last generations; it’s a quick way of putting together a cabinet. Incorporating mortise and tenon joinery in cabinet casework is on the other side of the coin, requiring lots of careful planning and much toil to the bench. The point is that a you can put as much time and energy as you wish into cutting simple – or not so simple- joints. It’s often a matter of what fits best with your own personal sense of style, combined with capabilities of your shop and skills.

At MB Woodworks, there’s no need to compromise quality for speed. Using the “Tongue and Groove Cabinetmaking System” I combine the best of old worlds joinery with the new world of tooling. The result is a system that is fast and easy, yet accurate and strong. The tongue and groove provides accuracy and strength where it is crucial, and pocket hole speed and ease where it is practical.

The tongue and groove joint is used in virtually every step at MB Woodworks cabinet making technique. Grooves are routed in the backs of frame elements, tongues are routed on ends, floors and dividers. Then the pocket hole joinery takes over, producing strong, attractive face frame joints. Besides making great face frame joints, it provides a fast, accurate means of attaching bottoms, sides and dividers to the face frame. Every pocket hole is completely concealed.

The result of these innovative new ideas is a beautiful, solidly-built cabinet. Better still, it is a method that is fast, efficient, and easy to repeat, whether I am building a single cabinet or an entire kitchen.

The Building Process

Step one begins with a meeting at your convenience to discuss the details of the project. You may need to create a casual comfortable media room, searching for storage space, or you need a complete home office that fits in a small space. ... Together we will develop a custom solution that will fit your needs and requirements.

Step two is where I develop a preliminary computer design based on your input. I will show you the three dimensional drawing of the cabinet you envisioned, so you’ll see your dream cabinet even before a single piece of wood is cut. We will further discuss the details of the drawing until you are completely satisfied with the design.

Step three happens when the drawing is finalized; this is when I submit the Job Proposal which includes the cost estimate, scope of the project, and start/completion date of the project.

Step four is the fun part for me…the manufacturing of your dream cabinet actually begins. Each piece of wood is cut, shaped, sanded, molded, stained and finished. This is when I am able to express my creativity and enjoy my passion…the result is a cabinet crafted to specific standard of excellence.

Step five is the finale. The delivery and installation of cabinets is exciting for you and me. The installation is non-intrusive because all parts are finished in my shop, therefore no toxic fumes or mess in your home. The process varies in length depending on the size of the project and will be accomplished to fit your schedule.

The final product is a fine crafted quality cabinet you personally designed…that expresses your sense of style, be assured you’ll enjoy for years to come.

The Final Cut

Your home is the place where you live, love, and raise your family; it is the place you long to be at the end of the day. MB Woodworks is in the business of helping you create the home you need and the home you want.

Often, the most challenging aspect of home improvement is knowing if your idea is going to work and how it is going to look. That’s why my free in-home consultation coupled with graphic design presentation is so valuable - it takes the guess work and worry out of creating the home you want. I utilize the latest computer design technologies and I can provide you with full color 3D photo quality renderings of your design. It gives you the ability to see precisely what your finished project will look like before one piece of wood is ever cut, so that renovating your home is a rewarding experience from start to finish.

I am committed to making it easy and affordable for you to create a beautiful home. My everyday best pricing gives you the freedom to hire me with confidence - always. Because I will offer you the best price everyday.

I make it simple to express your unique sense of style with a variety of custom options. I use a wide range of solid woods and veneer core plywood, all of which are selected for their grain character and beauty. Finishes are done by hand in a multiple stain process and protected by a conversion varnish top coat. Many of my designs feature fluted casings and rosettes and various trim moldings. My commitment to artistry and craftsmanship is evident in all of my woodworks and I take on each project with a tremendous source of pride.

When I began crafting built-in cabinets more than ten years ago superior service has always been a priority. It was then that MB Woodworks began to build its reputation. Today I continue to create superior products, yet you won’t find me resting on my laurels. Instead I am always reevaluating my processes to ensure the highest quality. Please visit the gallery to experience a closer look at some of the quality features in all of my wood work creations.