The Building Process

Step one begins with a meeting at your convenience to discuss the details of the project. You may need to create a casual comfortable media room, searching for storage space, or you need a complete home office that fits in a small space. ... Together we will develop a custom solution that will fit your needs and requirements.

Step two is where I develop a preliminary computer design based on your input. I will show you the three dimensional drawing of the cabinet you envisioned, so you’ll see your dream cabinet even before a single piece of wood is cut. We will further discuss the details of the drawing until you are completely satisfied with the design.

Step three happens when the drawing is finalized; this is when I submit the Job Proposal which includes the cost estimate, scope of the project, and start/completion date of the project.

Step four is the fun part for me…the manufacturing of your dream cabinet actually begins. Each piece of wood is cut, shaped, sanded, molded, stained and finished. This is when I am able to express my creativity and enjoy my passion…the result is a cabinet crafted to specific standard of excellence.

Step five is the finale. The delivery and installation of cabinets is exciting for you and me. The installation is non-intrusive because all parts are finished in my shop, therefore no toxic fumes or mess in your home. The process varies in length depending on the size of the project and will be accomplished to fit your schedule.

The final product is a fine crafted quality cabinet you personally designed…that expresses your sense of style, be assured you’ll enjoy for years to come.