The Final Cut

Your home is the place where you live, love, and raise your family; it is the place you long to be at the end of the day. MB Woodworks is in the business of helping you create the home you need and the home you want.

Often, the most challenging aspect of home improvement is knowing if your idea is going to work and how it is going to look. That’s why my free in-home consultation coupled with graphic design presentation is so valuable - it takes the guess work and worry out of creating the home you want. I utilize the latest computer design technologies and I can provide you with full color 3D photo quality renderings of your design. It gives you the ability to see precisely what your finished project will look like before one piece of wood is ever cut, so that renovating your home is a rewarding experience from start to finish.

I am committed to making it easy and affordable for you to create a beautiful home. My everyday best pricing gives you the freedom to hire me with confidence - always. Because I will offer you the best price everyday.

I make it simple to express your unique sense of style with a variety of custom options. I use a wide range of solid woods and veneer core plywood, all of which are selected for their grain character and beauty. Finishes are done by hand in a multiple stain process and protected by a conversion varnish top coat. Many of my designs feature fluted casings and rosettes and various trim moldings. My commitment to artistry and craftsmanship is evident in all of my woodworks and I take on each project with a tremendous source of pride.

When I began crafting built-in cabinets more than ten years ago superior service has always been a priority. It was then that MB Woodworks began to build its reputation. Today I continue to create superior products, yet you won’t find me resting on my laurels. Instead I am always reevaluating my processes to ensure the highest quality. Please visit the gallery to experience a closer look at some of the quality features in all of my wood work creations.